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My private coaching is designed to help you enhance your personal development and achieve deeper fulfillment, clarity, and well-being in your life. 


My approach is rooted in mindfulness and holistic wellness, and together we will build a personalized coaching plan that is designed for your unique needs and desired outcomes. 


Clients come to me for a variety of reasons: improving overall health & well-being, building sustainable habits for managing stress and anxiety, overcoming burnout, navigating career transitions, learning mindset shifts for making lasting changes, prioritizing self-reflection and self-care, and developing the confidence and courage to live a life aligned to their values.


No matter what you’re working on, I believe we all deserve to live deeply fulfilling lives, and it’s my passion to support others in building happier, healthier and more mindful lives. I would be honored to work with you on your journey.

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Interested in Coaching?
Book a complimentary call 

During this intro session we'll discuss who you are and where you need support on your journey to improved mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 


Through coaching, you will learn to:

  • Develop a regular mindfulness practice in your everyday life

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and burnout

  • Use meditation, breath work and mindful movement for peace & calm

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • Strengthen your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Find greater abundance, alignment and purpose

  • Slow down, rest and restore

  • Live an intentional life with more clarity and confidence

As your coach, I will help you explore:

  • Mindfulness: intentional practices and holistic self-care tools for increased peace, happiness, and resilience.

  • Values & Goals: discovering what motivates you and aligning your behaviors and boundaries with your values for building a truly intentional life. 

  • Awareness: deepening your connection to self, intuition and your inner-knowing.

  • Healthy Routines: developing healthy habits and morning & evening rituals to cultivate rest and improved wellbeing in daily life

  • Resilience: learning tools for coping with difficulty and building the muscle to operate outside your comfort zone.

  • Mindset: exploring the subconscious to remove blocks and limiting beliefs creating lasting change.

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